What we do

Endorser Music offers all services an artist could need to build and maintain their career. The services can be divided into the following groups:

Multimedia production e.g.: Composing and/or arranging original songs, songwriting, producing original and cover songs, video production, photoshoots etc.
Multimedia distribution e.g.: Music publishing, digital distribution (iTunes, Spotify), duplicating and replicating physical cds etc.
Multimedia design e.g.: Webdesign, social media channel & page designs, artwork etc.
Online and offline promotion e.g.: Promotion via offline media (radio & TV) and via online (social) media (like large Facebook pages etc.). In most cases these services are online available to our own Endorsers.

And of course many other services like full support with the organisation of live events and more.

For whom

Our target audience can be divided in to three different groups being:

1. Artists who’d like full support; Become an Endorser and get our full support. It’s a great next step for your career!

2. Artists already signed with a record label of indie-artists; Even if you online need a few of our services we are more than happy to help. That’s we’re producing a lot of instrumentals and videos for both recording artists and indie artists alike. Next to that we also do a lot of photoshoots, webdesign and social media support.

3. Artists who’d like to record every now and then; If singing is just a hobby and you’d like to record a Youtube video every now and then. Great to show your talent in a professional production to your friends and family.


As our name implies all of our artists are treated like Endorsers. And an endorsement is available in different levels. Meaning that within every level different rates apply for our services in which the devotion of the artists determines the endorsement level. So hard work pays off as we will start investing more if you show true devotion.

Interested in collaborating with us?

Just contact us using the form below for more information and lets get started!